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ctrader - Crypto Currency Trading App


Day trading in traditional market or in any other such as forex or cryptocurrency maybe the most profitable but like everything else in life, with greater reward comes greater risk. It's almost given that it is close to impossible to time the market but through the course of my day trading in cryptocurrency market, I've learned that you really can't time the market but you can outsmart some other participants in order to maximize your gains.


A little deviation from infosec, I wrote this trading app as an experiment because of the limitations in the mobile apps I was using to trade on my favorite exchanges. This program was written in C and uses Curl and Jansson libraries to interact with exchange APIs and process json data while BerkeleyDB embedded database library was used for persistence.

It allows you place your bid easily and jump around the order book by just entering your desired trade price or a specific index number. Orders can be auto adjusted and "locked" into position which works like a traditional "trailing stop loss" but without the risk of "slippage".