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qualysparser - Qualys Scan Results Parser and Remediation Tracker


Most reputable security solutions out in the market provide a means of programmatically interacting with their interface. One example is Qualys which permits an API access to its vulnerability scanning portal. Scan results can be retrieved in various formats. XML scan results are easily parseable using freely available libraries. In most companies I've worked for, software vulnerabilities must be resolved by raising a request ticket with the appropriate support team. The challenging part is tracking remediation status of each vulnerability finding.


This tool written in perl retrieves Qualys scan results through its API, place them in a spreadsheet, and updates the remediation status of corresponding service desk tickets (via CA Service Desk integration). A service desk ticket for remediation can also be created using the same script.

A detailed documentation can be found in my github repo:


  • Perl compiler/interpreter– (
  • Perl Modules:
    • threads
    • threads::shared
    • LWP::UserAgent
    • HTTP::Cookies
    • Cwd
    • Spreadsheet::XLSX
    • POSIX
    • HTML::Entities
    • Text::Tabs
    • URI::Escape
    • Time::HiRes
    • Excel::Writer::XLSX
    • File::Copy
    • Net::IP
    • Term::ReadKey
    • Data::Dumper
    • XML::Simple
    • XML::LibXML
    • Date::Parse
    • Time::Piece
    • DateTime::Format::ISO8601
    • File::Find
    • File::Slurp
    • HTTP::Async
    • Date::Calc
    • Term::ProgressBar
    • Getopt::Long
    • Config::Simple
    • Socket
    • Win32::OLE
  • Burp Proxy (or any client side proxy to be used for NTLM authentication)

Sample Usage/Output:

Source Code:

Get it from github.

Additional Info:

See my work featured in Qualys blog