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wepbuster - WEP cracker for pentesters


I've written this tool when I was still working as a penetration tester for a security consulting company. WEP protocol was still widely used at that time and I've been involved in a number of wireless pentesting engagements. Cracking WEP was also popular and not that difficult but neither is straightforward so I decided to write this tool to simplify the process. BackTrack (now Kali), included the tool in one of its releases (4.x?).


The program was written in Perl and automates a number of tools that are part of the popular wireless testing pentesting tool (aircrack-ng).

From the archived Google Code project site:

This small utility was written for information security professional 
to aid in conducting Wireless Security Assessment. The script executes 
various programs included in the aircrack-ng suite - a set of tools for 
auditing wireless networks, in order to obtain the WEP encryption key 
of a wireless access point. WEPBuster also has a wordlist generator 
which can be used in creating "dictionary" files for WPA Pre-Shared Key 
cracking and for other related tasks. aircrack-ng can be obtained from

Features: ``` Cracks all access points within the range in one go!! Supports:

WEP Cracking:

Mac address filtering bypass (via mac spoofing)
Auto reveal hidden SSID
Client-less Access Point injection (fragmentation, -p0841)
Shared Key Authentication
whitelist (crack only APs included in the list)
blacklist (do not crack AP if it's included in the list)
Wordlist Generator:

generate all combinations of a given set
generate all unique combinations of a given set
apply filters to each generated word
apply filters to an input file or a wordlist
apply filters from another wordlist
merge two wordlists and apply filters to each generated word


All in Google Code archive.

Sample Usage:

Search for "wepbuster". This one for example.

Source Code:

Download it from Google Code archive here.

Additional Info:

See the original BackTrack thread